Eating well during menopause

Menopause is an overwhelming and confusing time for many women. In fact, one of my most common questions on Instagram is: “How do I eat well during menopause?” Shockingly, even though 50% of the population is guaranteed to go through it, menopause remains a vastly understudied area in science and nutrition. This uncertainty has left many women in the dark about the impact menopause has on their health, as well as how they can best support themselves during this time.

If you are currently going through menopause, I completely understand how tempting it is to try the fad diets and supplements promoted on social media. However, a lot of these approaches are not evidence-based and could be doing more harm than good.
The good news is that there are lifestyle changes you can make today, that are supported by research, to improve your health and wellbeing during menopause – which I’ll be sharing with you in this blog.