Recipe Development, Analysis & Nutrition Claims

Culinary skills and nutritional expertise are combined to help businesses create fantastic tasting food.

We work with food developers and supply chain/technical professionals to bring foods to supermarket shelves and restaurant menus; advising on ingredients, calculating nutrition information/nutrient profiling, and ensuring that nutrition and health claims are compliant. This features all areas of advertising, including on-pack, broadcast media, promotions and press releases.

We also help guide innovation to optimise the nutritional profile of existing menus (e.g. reductions in salt, saturated fat or sugar), and get involved with menu planning and analysing food and drink offerings to highlight where opportunities exist for improvement.

Recent Work Includes

  • Reformulation projects (reductions in salt and sugar)
  • Creation of nutritional standards for a new product range (US based)
  • High level support and guidance given to food development processes
  • Development of nutritional guidelines for children’s meals for a global corporation (also involved comparison of hundreds of children’s meals against these guidelines)
  • Advice on nutrition analysis procedures given to a large Corporation
  • Nutrient profiling conducted for a large range of products to verify suitability for advertising
  • Worked with an in-house team to devise engaging on-pack marketing (compliant with food law)
  • Numerous menus assessed against UK Traffic Light Labelling and OfCom nutrient profiling criteria for a variety of businesses
  • Health and wellbeing lead for a strategy development session with senior personnel from a UK restaurant business