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Eating well during menopause

Menopause is an overwhelming and confusing time for many women. In fact, one of my most common questions on Instagram is: “How do I eat well during menopause?” Shockingly, even though 50% of the population is guaranteed to go through it, menopause remains a vastly understudied area in science and nutrition. This uncertainty has left many women in the dark about the impact menopause has on their health, as well as how they can best support themselves during this time.

If you are currently going through menopause, I completely understand how tempting it is to try the fad diets and supplements promoted on social media. However, a lot of these approaches are not evidence-based and could be doing more harm than good.
The good news is that there are lifestyle changes you can make today, that are supported by research, to improve your health and wellbeing during menopause – which I’ll be sharing with you in this blog.

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How to eat well on a budget

The cost of living is rising disproportionately to what we could ever expect. Soaring inflation and unrealistic household bills are putting very real pressure on individual and family purse strings; pressure which will undoubtedly lead to increases in mental health conditions and nutrient deficiencies, amongst many other consequences.

Micronutrients – Part 2 – Minerals

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Micronutrients – Part 1 – Vitamins

Micronutrients – Part 1 – Vitamins What are they? Why do we need them? And where do we get them from? Micronutrients are essential nutrients more commonly known as vitamins and minerals. Your body needs these micronutrients, but in smaller amounts compared to macronutrients (carbohydrates, fats and proteins). I love the way the World Health…

Top Food & Nutrition Health Trends 2022

Health is an area which is continuing to evolve rapidly; attracting more media attention, government focus and general scrutiny than ever before. This focus is bolstering consumer expectations so we can expect to see lots of changes across our food supply.

This blog explores some of the changes which will be trending in 2022.